Lan Sang National Park

 Lan Sang National Park

Lan Sang National Park


Lan Sang National Park is an important natural site in the District of Tak. He finished 15th Thailand National Park May 14, 1978 and covers an area of 104 km2. Sang is also a National Historical Park, as King Taksin the Great, his army was in this area during their long march to Chiang Mai.


Steep, rocky mountains, covered with dense forests are the natural properties of the park. Khao Luang mountain divides the park into two sections, the highest peak reaches 1065 m. Oomyod sea level.

Lan Sang National Park with 3 stations is as follows:
Raining: May-October
Winter: November to January
Summer: February to April
Maximum temperature is 43 degrees Celsius and a minimum stay of 7 degrees Celsius.
Flora and Fauna

Upper slopes of mountains and ponds are equipped with Hill and Hill evergreen pine forest. The following are the major types of mixed deciduous forest, evergreen forest, dry dipterocarp. The diversity of forest habitat provides protection for a wide variety of wildlife such as deer, sambar deer, wild boars, monkeys, matt, Flying Lizard and rare Serov (Capricorn) and the cat with gold.

Lan Sang National Park
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